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Stadium Digital Powers New Interactive Engagement Platform for Canadian Hockey League and CIBC

Stadium Digital  launched a new interactive video engagement platform today for the Canadian Hockey League (CHL) and their league partner CIBC.

CIBC Showdown showcases the best video content from the CHL and delivers it to hockey fans in a new interactive environment.

Available across all online and mobile platforms, CIBC Showdown features a custom-built digital video player and content hub that allows hockey fans to vote on a weekly selection of top highlights from the OHL, WHL and QMJHL.  Fans can share their favorite CHL highlights with friends and family across their own social platforms using the tag #CIBCShowdown.

“With hundreds of awe-inspiring goals, saves and great plays happening across our leagues every week, CIBC ShowDown will be a go-to destination for our fans to vote on the week’s most amazing moments and share some incredible hockey highlights across their social group,” says Mark Dickie, Senior Manager of Digital, CHL. “CIBC’s commitment to the CHL and junior hockey has been outstanding, we are thrilled to have them join us in celebrating the league and engaging with our fans on such a dynamic new digital platform.”

Stadium Digital launched a similar video engagement platform for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. The team’s popular Play of the Year  has been a go-to destination for Tiger-Cats fans to vote on the team’s top plays from the past season.

“Sports leagues and teams all possess an incredible archive of relevant and compelling content – and most of it rarely ever gets seen outside of a brief hit on some highlight show,” says Mark Silver, President of Stadium Digital. “The ShowDown and Play of the Year platforms give our partners an opportunity to repurpose their very best content allowing fans and sponsors to engage in a dynamic way.”

Stadium Digital is currently in discussion with other teams and leagues to extend the ShowDown and Play of the Year platforms to new partners.


A Fan Centred Perspective on Engagement

Author: Mark Silver

Ask 10 different sports executive what fan engagement means, and I’d bet you’d get 10 different answers, and that’s perfectly okay. The truth is that fan engagement is a personal thing, and it’s only the fan who can truly answer the question.

I would like to propose a moratorium on the use of the term fan engagement by sports properties and the vast ecosystem of agencies and technology providers who support them. Really, what is fan engagement anyway?

As a kid growing up in Toronto in the 80s who closely followed the rise of the Toronto Blue Jays (version 1.0), just being able to watch an away game on television was a family affair. Or, sitting in the general admission bleachers at Exhibition Stadium, where my parents carefully protected me from the ruckus fans, well, that was an entirely different experience, but I’d say that both fulfilled my definition at the time for fan engagement.

Fast forward to today, where I can get every Jays game on any screen and in 4K, I’d still argue that’s fan engagement. And while the Jays have visibly invested in things like loyalty cards for ticket purchasers that double as your ticket and mobile wallet, or they have a great social visualization that fills the jumbotron during warm-ups, I would not consider these investments in fan engagement. We know what they’re up to with the loyalty card, and the social visualization is an easy way to fill the screen with content before the game starts. Both of these initiatives have little fan participation thus not fan engagement and a reason to attend the game.

To get to the point, the challenge of our time is that very few sports organizations are taking a fan-centered approach to fan engagement. I will give the Jays full credit for trying, and because many other sports organizations are doing the same, I’ll stop picking on them, because what I see happening in many organizers is that fan engagement is defined as one thing for ticket purchasers and then something entirely different for families, millennials, fan clubs and sponsors. The only true “fan engagement” activity that spans all types of purchasers and fan demographics is social. However, as we all know, while social is certainly a part of any integrated sponsorship package, and more recently it can be used to transact directly with ticket or merchandise purchasers, it is extremely difficult to obtain any significant reach without buying distribution. The bigger problem is that all this effort and investment in social is only making the social platforms more powerful by aiding and abetting their accumulation of a vast intimate data set of YOUR fans that they are willing to sell to the highest bidder.

At Stadium Digital we define fan engagement based on direct relationships with fans. That relationship could include actions such as purchase, digital content consumption, social activity, contest entry, fantasy play or a attending a game. The essential ingredient is YOU, the sports property, and YOUR fans. As we see it, fan engagement is not bound to those in attendance or the broadcast audience, which is why our Fan Platform was built to bridge the relationship with the fan so they can engage wherever they are. It’s truly for anyone who wants to subscribe to be a member of your fan base, in a relationship that YOU own and control. And when we say control, we mean the data, where YOU decide what data to track, YOU decide who to share it with and how to use it. The data itself becomes your monetizable intellectual property.

For more on how we have helped our clients collect and use data, here’s a recent case study.

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