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Stadium Digital Powers New Interactive Engagement Platform for Canadian Hockey League and CIBC

Stadium Digital  launched a new interactive video engagement platform today for the Canadian Hockey League (CHL) and their league partner CIBC.

CIBC Showdown showcases the best video content from the CHL and delivers it to hockey fans in a new interactive environment.

Available across all online and mobile platforms, CIBC Showdown features a custom-built digital video player and content hub that allows hockey fans to vote on a weekly selection of top highlights from the OHL, WHL and QMJHL.  Fans can share their favorite CHL highlights with friends and family across their own social platforms using the tag #CIBCShowdown.

“With hundreds of awe-inspiring goals, saves and great plays happening across our leagues every week, CIBC ShowDown will be a go-to destination for our fans to vote on the week’s most amazing moments and share some incredible hockey highlights across their social group,” says Mark Dickie, Senior Manager of Digital, CHL. “CIBC’s commitment to the CHL and junior hockey has been outstanding, we are thrilled to have them join us in celebrating the league and engaging with our fans on such a dynamic new digital platform.”

Stadium Digital launched a similar video engagement platform for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. The team’s popular Play of the Year  has been a go-to destination for Tiger-Cats fans to vote on the team’s top plays from the past season.

“Sports leagues and teams all possess an incredible archive of relevant and compelling content – and most of it rarely ever gets seen outside of a brief hit on some highlight show,” says Mark Silver, President of Stadium Digital. “The ShowDown and Play of the Year platforms give our partners an opportunity to repurpose their very best content allowing fans and sponsors to engage in a dynamic way.”

Stadium Digital is currently in discussion with other teams and leagues to extend the ShowDown and Play of the Year platforms to new partners.


Ticats to deliver first North American pro football broadcast on Facebook Live

Facebook Live videos have become a big part of the sports marketplace already, with MLB, NFL and NCAA teams experimenting with delivering content that way. That content has been mostly behind-the-scenes interviews and looks, though, rather than a typical game broadcast, but the CFL’s Hamilton Tiger-Cats are set to change that. The team has announced that they’re going to live-stream Friday’s preseason game against the Ottawa Redblacks on Facebook Live and make some history in the process.

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Create a Sustainable Technology Legacy

Author: Mark Silver

Have you met anyone who can tell you where things are headed with the digital side of the sports business? Anyone who knows where all this all going, and when anyone can see a real return on investment? If you have, please let me know who that is.

Don’t get me wrong; there are many amazing leagues, teams, broadcasters, sports properties and technology providers who are doing incredible things. The challenge I’ve been seeing over my career though is along the lines of the tail wagging the dog. We all know investing in digital is the right thing to do, but what many fail to see on an ongoing basis is that most sports organizations aren’t nimble enough to keep up with the pace of change nor continually implement the next big must have thing. For transparency, the company I run, Stadium Digital, is another one of those ‘next big things’, but I’ll get back to that later.

The challenge that most sports properties face is that their technology both back office and customer facing, has been built out in a hap hazard way over many years with several vendors and there simply is not sufficient in-house expertise and resources or capital budget available to fix the problem in a timeframe where the loss of further ground is not the end result. To be clear, my advice is not to fix the problem. Instead, focus on digital activities that support achievement of your short and long term business objectives. Determine where to invest smartly today, to get the most bang for your buck, so that every dollar leaves a sustainable legacy. In time, your problem should disappear, though please be patient and try to retain your top performers who can see the vision through.

At Stadium Digital, we are experts in all facets of the sports business, and our focus is in supporting our clients in realizing a return on their investments in content and engagement technologies.

For more on how we have helped our clients, here’s a recent case study.

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