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Stadium specializes in the creation and management of content and technology to deliver products in the areas of sponsorship, fan engagement, ticketing and e-commerce. The company was formed to help sports and entertainment properties and their partners realize the full potential of their brand and investment around their content rights.

While still valuable expressions of the brand, forming an association between corporate partners and properties is no longer limited to logos on the playing surface, giveaways at the gate, or billboards on broadcast. Establishing a meaningful connection with fans also isn’t bound to the in-person experience or the broadcast audience during the scheduled timeslot.

Fans and brands alike now expect more value from properties, beyond the intensity of live sport or the thrill of the stage. In a day filled with real and contrived distractions, coming at us in the physical world and the virtual world, the status quo is no longer a business strategy. Audience and attendance don’t necessarily translate to engagement, which takes the form of attention, participation and conversation as measurable outcomes. Properties must earn engagement from their fans on an ongoing basis to meet business objectives, as tuning-out is as easy as looking down to check out that buzzing in your hand.

At Stadium, we believe that more value is attainable, which we extract through our value chain of services and deliver for our clients with proven analytics based integrated products: The Scouting Report, The Playbook, and Special Teams.


The Scouting Report

To recommend value driven solutions for your property and partners, Stadium first needs to create a baseline mapping of your capabilities and business objectives. Forming actionable insights on your business means never relying on generalization or assumption. Stadium works closely with clients in a small team setting to distill and qualify your organizational performance barometer.

The Playbook

Stadium believes that no two properties are alike; even teams in the same league. Considering each local market, venue and organizational structure, every client requires a content and technology plan optimized for their business objectives. With “The Playbook”, Stadium delivers to clients a comprehensive guide to transforming the value proposition of their property.

Special Teams

Finding, training and retaining top talent is a continuous struggle. Stadium is there to help you overcome this challenge and support the execution of your activations and ongoing operations. Stadium maintains a polished and highly structured team to support the achievement of your business goals while relieving the pain in the HR process in key areas such as content and social media management, and customer service.



We focus on looking for opportunities to create sellable assets from within your existing operations while suggesting innovative ways to responsibly invest in building new assets. Drawing from our experience, we work with clients to bring a disciplined and structured approach to monetization through a process we call “The Playbook”.


Engaging an audience to the point where they’re compelled to keep watching and consume more content is Stadium’s production standard. While bringing memorable and relevant stories to life comes with experience, Stadium believes that nothing gets left on the cutting room floor. Telling those stories in our connected and real-time world requires content and distribution planning to support clients’ achievement of their goals.


Stadium approaches technology as a means to achieving its clients’ business goals, starting with a design centric philosophy rooted in our engineering pedigree. Our platform-agnostic solutions deliver clients a technical vision and legacy that is road-mapped to meet current and future business objectives.


Catering to organizations both large and small, as required, Stadium supports its clients with short or long-term outsourcing of services critical to the delivery of their strategy. From marketing execution, to social media and technical support, Stadium provides the resources and peace of mind so our clients can focus on achieving their business objectives.

Meet the team

Mark Silver

President & Founder

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Dayton Pereira

Head of Product

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